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Patient Testimonials

Apr 25th, 2014
Her bedside manner was great. She answered my questions. I really appreciate what she did for me. by Henry C.
Jan 2nd, 2014
Saving my life I am so grateful to have been blessed with such a caring, compassionate and extremely talented Doctor! She is honest with you but positive. I would never go anywhere else if this comes back...I will be right back there telling her to do her magic; I can not express my gratitude enough... and to all the doctors, nurses and her wonderfully upbeat Linda:) Thank you all and bless you xoxo by kelley w
Dec 12th, 2013
Dr. Germano is a wonderful woman first of all, a knowledgeable doctor, and a world class physician/ surgeon. I owe her my life, and I thank her for being so compassionate and understanding. As a young woman, receiving the news that I had a brain tumor that required surgery was the hardest time in my life. I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and expertise. Dr. Germano operated on my brain on October 22, 2013. Her hands are gifted; you can barely see the scar at the surgical site. I am almost 100% back to normal, running, jogging, back to work in 2 weeks, and most importantly living my life. I highly recommend Dr. Germano. I thank God for her. by Karen Lyn-Clarke Registered Nurse
Oct 29th, 2013
Glioblastoma Patient I was originally diagnosed with brain cancer (07/2011) at an emergency room on Long Island, and was scheduled for surgery with their head of neurosurgery the following day. I was informed I would have loss of motion on my left side and would need months of rehab to be mobile again (best case scenario, worst case I would be stuck in bed for the rest of my life). My son was referred by a friend to speak with Dr. Germano before proceeding forward, while I was being prepped for surgery at the hospital in Long Island he was meeting with her to review my MRI cd. I do not know where to begin... Dr. Germano upon viewing the MRI stated that I would be eating myself the night of the surgery and be up and walking the following day (Completely different from the first neurosurgeons opinion). She agreed to do the surgery the following morning and arrange for my transport between hospitals. True to her word and her talent I was eating that night and up walking the following day. Fast forward two years, I thank Dr. Germano every day I am blessed to spend with my family... I can not find the words to thank her enough!! I would not hesitate one second to recommend anyone to this amazing surgeon. by Edward M.
Oct 9th, 2013
When I came to see you for my glioblastoma your qualification and reputation were obvious, but what I found was much more than that. With the visit I felt instantly secure not like at home where I was told that my cancer was too advanced to treat. Sorry it took me 3 years to write this! Thank you Dr. Germano. Anonymous
Oct 8th, 2013
Dr. Germano is truly one of the most exceptional physicians I have ever met. her dedication of time to listen to my issues, as well as a follow up call from herself to find out how I was feeling was something I rarely experienced with any other healthcare provider. Not only was Dr. Germano dedicated, so was her staff, they were polite, understanding and not rushed. All staff explained steps involved in my recovery, I was kept abreast of everything. they explained my medication instructions very clearly including any side effects and actions I should take in the event of side effects. Thank You Dr. Germano and your team to getting me back up and running in no time! by M Weinmann IT Manager
Oct 6th, 2013
Amazing skill! Dr. Germano, the surgery you performed on me has made a great difference on my level of functioning and quality of life. Your compassion and skills will always be remembered. My heart if filled with gratitude for your care to me and the time you and your team spent with me and my family navigating through my illness. I am very blessed to have you as my surgeon. Thank you for your amazing work!
Oct 5th, 2013
Amazing skills Dr. Germano, the surgery you performed on me has made a great difference in my level of functioning and quality of life. Your compassion and skills will always be remembered. My heart if filled with gratitude for your care to me and the time you and your team spent with me and my family navigating through my illness. I am very blessed to have you as my surgeon. Thank you for your amazing work!
Oct 5th, 2013
Anonymous by Josh B on World class physician, caring, attentive to details, actually listens to her patients. I live in Florida now and would get on a plane for an appointment with Dr. Germano as there is no one else I would want to see.
Jul 17th, 2012
Horrible Would never recommend this doctor....
October 20, 2011
Dear Dr. Germano,
On advise from Dr. H. I come to see you for my spine tumor. The qualification and the reputation were obvious, but what I found was much more than that. With the visit I felt instantly secure not like at home where I was told that my cancer was too advanced to treat. With my deepest gratitude,
September 23, 2011
Dr. Germano,
Thanks so much!!
How can we ever thank you for helping us in such a desperate time in our lives! You are the best!!! God bless you!!
Our son is doing well. He got to go to a JETS game on Sunday, to Mohegan Sun on Tuesday and he started going back to work as well (all things we only dreamed about during his illness! You gave us back our son! There is no way we can ever thank you enough!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
September 23, 2011
Dr. Germano:
Our hearts are filled with gratitude to you each day as we look on our son and have a normal day. From the moment we met you, we felt your confidence, and your strong sense of taking charge of leading us through a thoughtful and logical process to diagnosis. This is not to mention your amazing skills and willingness to do surgeries others cannot imagine. This combined with your truly gracious, down-to-earth and caring manner make you so exceptional. As I told you in person, I also treasure your care to advise us on the human level- we have the memory intact of a wholesome trip to take our daughter to college- thanks for taking the time to care about this aspect of our life as well.
It has been a privilege and gift to come to know you.
Thank you again for everything.
With great respect and affection,
September 2011
New York, Prof. Germano,
Grazie tante per il suo tempestivo aiuto !
A, A, S, D
March 4, 2011
Dear Dr. Germano,
Thank you so much for helping Christopher. We are so lucky to have you as Christopher's doctor.
God Bless You Always,
G, J, & C
February 28, 2011
Our big thank you and appreciation to Dr. Germano and K. for your care and professionalism.
The G. Family
January 27, 2011
Dr. Germano Took our son's case at a time when many other doctors were confounded and there was still no diagnosis and hence no treatment. Dr. Germano immediately brought a team together to view our son's test results and offered a clear path toward diagnosis and treatment that ultimately involved her doing a brain biopsy that other doctors had said was too dangerous and had refused to do. Today, our son is back to normal life of a 26 year old, thanks to her and her partners.

Dr. Germano and her team are outstanding physicians who are also outstanding human beings.
January 16, 2011
Dear Dr. Germano,
This evening Saturday will make two years since the radiosurgery you performed, and I can't let the day pass without telling you again how grateful I am for your great skill, your procession and extraordinary care, your patience, sympathy, and kindness. And I know I am really thanking you for saving my life, for giving me these two years. I have understood from the beginning how fortunate (and still am) to be in your care, and wish with all my heart that I could properly express my thanks.
I hope that this small gift will at least make you smile, and give you some moments of sweetness and pleasure.
With my deep gratitude and sincere affection and respect.
November 3, 2010
Dr. Germano,
I need to let you know that we lost W. at 2:30 AM on November 2nd. He died peacefully in his sleep and never had any pain. For that I can be thankful. And, thank you for being such a wonderful and caring doctor for him. You were one of his favorite doctors.
With my heartfelt thanks,
November 2, 2010
Dear Dr. D,
When a meningioma needed further attention, my neurologist, R. B., MD, contacted his colleagues. While no one wants to be a patient, everything was done to put me at ease and keep me well informed. From the moment my husband and I entered Dr. Germano's office, the staff at the reception desk greeted us warmly and gave us easy to understand directions to the doctor's office. Dr. B. reviewed my MRI and assured me I would be fine. He explained that this second meningioma I have is in a different location and recommended treatment. In a matter of minutes, I met with Isabelle Germano, MD and KLM . They were really there for me whether explaining the details for the day of the procedure, holding my hand and preparing directions for after care.

While I pray that this is a procedure never to be repeated, Drs. Germano and G, their entire team, exuded extreme professionalism and caring so that I felt comfortable with the treatment. Hopefully, the follow-up MRI's and neurological examinations will show the desired results. I have no doubt that you are aware of the quality of your medical and support staff, but I wanted you to know how much they are appreciated and how grateful I am for the care I received.

L G.
cc: Dr. Germano
October 13, 2010
Dear Dr. Germano,
As you perhaps know my mom S. B. passed away on June 11, 2010 (one day after her 73rd birthday). Her 11 month battle with stage 4 lung cancer was heroic yet horrific. I want to thank you for providing her with outstanding medical care. More so, however, I want to thank you for our kindness and personal attention toward her. She often commented to me that she never felt like "just another patient". She felt your concern and compassion. She was living a nightmare and she was always amazed at how you took the time to talk to her and check up on her. She could tell that you really cared and it always made her feel better.
Thank you all,
Felicia L.
August 24, 2010
"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" Hippocrates

Dear Dr. Germano,
You called yesterday to see how I was feeling after having the stereotactic radio surgical procedure to rid me of a metastatic lesion in my brain. Pretty heavy stuff even for people high on steroids. I told you I had weathered the crowning quit well with little to no discomfort. But for me it was something more than just not having an uncomfortable experience. It was having it actually turn into a pleasant one. The physical aspect while not being one I would choose for a social gathering was minimally trying. But, it is not of this I speak.

The entire experience from beginning to end was mad that much more pleasant and of interest because, of the competence and human kindness of an extremely professional staff. I can't stress enough how a smile a good work and kind caring gesture can turn a serious perhaps for most, and overwhelming procedure into something memorable and positive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for aiding me in this battle and even more specifically for the Abba connection which for the day was added value!

Please share these words as it is important to me that people recognize the impact of their actions to others.

Thank you
May 13, 2010
Dear Dr. Germano,
I wanted to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering efforts of you and your staff on May 5, during my stereotactic radiosurgery.KLM was instrumental in getting me to the forth to where I had to be. She was attentive, caring, and sympathetic. I appreciate her help and have to say is a credit to the hospital. Thank you, K!

Please thank Dr. G., Dr. F., and Dr. O. for their skill and dedication. Most of us go through life without stopping to admire the good in one another. This affliction has brought me pain and sorrow, but along with it came hope and compassion which I cherish most of all. I would like to say that I feel blessed to know that people such as yourself and your staff still have the humanity and love for others to help extend their lives. You have a gift! God bless you!
M. L.
December 2009
Dear Dr. Germano, K, & L:
Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. Thanks for the great care you've given me during this year. Happy Holidays Good Bless You.
E. C.
December 2009
Dear Dr. Germano,
This is long overdue, but I need to thank you all for your generosity and kindness on my way back to wellness. It has been a rough road but, it is all patched up thanks to your expert help and advice. Here's' to a New Year and a new decade of health and prosperity for all 2010. Wow!!
D. F.
October 26, 2009
Dear Dr. Germano,
Hi my name is SN if you remember me I was your patient for Stereotactic Radiosurgery. I am writing this letter first of to thank you for saving my life and giving me a chance to do something with my life. I wanted to become a doctor since my junior year of college and still continue that dream even though it's hard for me. I will not listen to people telling me to give up.

Anyway, thank you so much for believing in me and also doing my surgery. I have no pain and feel very much energetic. I know I will see you very soon about my MRI and hope that turn out good. Right now I am in the process of studying a little bit her and there and exercise at my local gym just some cardio to get my weight down.
Thank you so much for helping me and hopefully one day I can be like you and help other people with their health. Thank you once again for being there.
Your Patient,
October 12, 2009
Hello Dr. Germano,
It's been just over 16 months since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty great. The recovery from this past surgery was speedy and while a year ago I didn't think I would be able to get back to working out quickly, this weekend C. and I took part in a Baltimore Half Marathon and I was able to complete in 3 hours and 44 minutes. It's an accomplishment I never in a million years thought I could do, even before my diagnosis. I still see Dr. P. on a regular basis, and deal with daily chronic pain but, as you can see I've learned to manage quite well. It's been a long and interesting journey, to say the least but, I think I've come out stronger in the end. And while there's always that what if fear factor I don't let it control me, I live each day and every day.

Just wanted to send you a quick update on how I'm doing. I hope all is well with you, your family and your staff. Please send my regards to everyone.
August 5, 2009
Dear Dr. J, M.D.,
This is not all letter of complaint. Rather it is a compliment to Dr. Germano and her staff. Without their kindness, handholding and expert care; I never would have made as much progress as I have. They are extremely thorough in their exams and without baby steps walk you through their procedures. They are special people with expert medical skills and caring personalities.
This last year has been difficult but, they have remained by my side. Thank you for creating this extraordinary team and thank you Dr. Germano, KML and L.
Linda D.
April 6, 2009
Dear Dr. Germano,
The news you gave me last Thursday was very welcome, and I left your office with a lighter heart. I am sure you already know how grateful I am for your care, and how fortunate I feel to benefit from your knowledge and skill. But before too much more time passes, I want to tell you that my gratitude is not only for your intellectual and medical excellence, although that is immense. The technology is thrilling, even to someone who can't begin to understand it and the care and precision with which you and your colleagues work is inspiring.

But, I also want you to know how touched and grateful I have been for your personal kindness and attention. Your encouragement and patience have made this whole experience far less frightening and distressing than it might have been. I don't doubt that your won manner and values have influenced your associates: everyone who has helped and treated me before, during and after the radiosurgery has been cheerful, personable, and reassuring, not just competent and professional (although of course they were as well). I truly don't know how you all do it; so many patients, so many procedures, day after day, week after week. Keeping us all straight must me hard enough, and remaining, as you all seem able to do, fresh and attentive, fully concentrated and interested in every patient, is extraordinary.

I never felt like an anonymous "case", everyone treated me with kind attention, wanting to know how I was doing, and what my concerns might be. From S, who was so careful and pleasant on the phone, as were A. and Y., to the people who placed the frame, and the people in radiology (whose names I didn't learn) but, whose jokes and music helped me a lot. As for K, all I can say is that I can't imagine anyone I would rather have by my side through a procedure like this. She is remarkable; efficient, charming, and basically just wonderful.

I know this may sound like the effusiveness of the dexamethadone you sent me home with, but I really cannot overstate how much the personal aspect of your care, and that of all you associates, has meant to me to remain hopeful and confident during my treatment. I thank you with all my heart.

B. D.
March 20, 2009
Dear Dr. Germano,
We lost D. S. a month ago. Apart from a tremendous lost to friends and relatives, it was also a lost to the whole town. We the family, friends and the people from Portugal would like to express our eternal unconditional gratitude to you and to K. for helping us to direct her care.
My family will visit the USA early in August this year and they are more than eager to meet you. Thank you very much
January 27, 2009
Dear Dr.Germano,
It was appreciated more that you know. The depth of gratitude I feel for the invaluable and instrumental role you have played in my son's courageous struggle to overcome cancer cannot truly be put into words. A. is currently doing well and we were so overjoyed to learn that the lesions that appeared on a recent CT scan turned out to be old inactive ones. I honor of all that you have done and continue to do for so many patients and the vital research work that you are conducting relating to brain tumors.
Blessings and Success,
R. V.
December 10, 2008
Dear K.,
Four years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant, inoperable, untreatable brain tumor.

You brought me to Dr. Isabelle Germano. My life changed. Dr. Germano knew the tumor was benign and assured me that if and when it become necessary I would be treated. I've recently received radiation with excellent success. Dr. Germano welcomes my questions, visited me in the hospital and is always interested in my welfare. Her team of people and her entire staff are exemplary.

Unfortunately I've had to be in the hospital more times that I would have liked these last four years but, the treatment I have received made it much easier getting trough the tough parts. I truly believe Mt. Sinai is a very special place and I wish to thank you and Dr.Germano for being a special doctor.
J. S. Cc: Dr. Germano
May 14, 2008
Dear Dr. Germano,
Some time has passed since the surgery you performed on M. I've been filled gratitude for the healing you brought to her and our family. I need to let you know just how powerful and effect you've had on our lives. From the time M. began experiencing headaches in October, our lives were greatly changed. The girl whose laughter filled our house form morning till night was seriously affected by the pain she felt on a daily basis. It was clear that her pain was constant and the doctors we visited seemed to have no answer.
The discovery of the cyst filled us with fear as it seemed the worst might be true but, further testing determined that it was not the cause of her symptoms. This became the most challenging time for M. and my wife and I as well. Clearly, her pain was no better and probably getting worse, yet no one could tell us what was wrong with her. I still have in my phone text messages she sent me at this time. One such message from 11/17/08 says "My head hurts very much but I'm managing. By the time we saw you, we were all in what felt like a fog of uncertainty, fear, and for M. pain. I can still recall how hopeful we all were when you examined her films and looked at her for the very first time we heard someone telling us "I can help you". I am still amazed by your ability to look at my daughter and know what was causing her pain. Your knowledge and experience afforded us the answer we were searching for.
We visited many doctors before we saw you, including some with excellent reputations and they did not see what you saw. A doctor at another facility told us she didn't know but, that we would find a doctor who would hit a "home run" and know what was wrong with M. I am in awe of your ability to heal. This time was the most difficult for M and as we tried to sort through conflicting opinions even so my wife and I both felt in our heart that you were the right one. It was a cold night in January as we left the doctor's office with another prescription of the medicines M. came to hate for their side effects. She asked "Can we go back to Dr. Germano and do the surgery now". Your skills in the OR have healed my daughter and as I watch her running and laughing on the softball field, I am reminded of the process we have experienced.
We will never be able to thank you for the laughter and love you have returned to us with your skill knowledge of your chosen field. You made an extremely difficult surgery and recovery into an amazing experience. Where else can a 10 year old girl go from ICU to be the host of a game show on Hospital TV in two days? Dr. Germano, you, your office and your staff have healed my daughter when no one else could even figure out what was wrong with her. I believe that God led us to you and I will continue to pray that he allows you to practice your healing for as long as you wish to continue. We remain forever grateful for your efforts.

A. S.
April 22, 2008
Dear Dr. Germano,
I wanted to write on behalf of myself and my family to thank you and your staff for all that you did to help my nephew, R.B. as he was under your care.
As you must realize, we were very distraught over the preliminary diagnosis with which we had to deal, namely R. being afflicted with a brain tumor. I must assure you that we believe R was given the best of care by a highly professional staff. In addition, we also have to thank Dr. K. for suggesting that we place R. under your excellent care.
The B. family deeply thanks you for the care and skill you afforded to R.
March 2008
Dear Dr. Germano and all involved in the care of P.,
This letter is a group effort from our family to all who are providing medical care to our loved on and comfort to all of us who have been affected and concerned by the grave nature of her illness.

Thank You! Words cannot describe just how grateful we are.

We knew from our first introductions that P. was in the right hands; subsequent meetings confirmed and strengthened these feelings. The confidence you showed in your work, and care of P. has given us hope and good feelings. No one can be singled out, because each and every care giver seems to have his or her heart and soul in your work.

We are truly grateful for the kindness and compassion shown all of us through P's ordeal and will never be forgotten. You make P. feel as though she were the most important patient you ever treated and that is very important for all of us because, that's the way we feel about her. Follow up phone calls (made personally) and other actions that show your attentiveness to her needs make us realize that no aspect of treatments has been overlooked.

We understand now why your hospital has attained such a high level of recognition, the people who works there are the reason.
God Bless,
The Family of P.G.
February 2008
Dear Dr. Germano,
I asked God for and Angel,
I know he heard me,
And sent the best one for me:
That was you Dr. Germano.
You are special.
Thank you so much for saving my life. May Good keep you in his tender care With kindest regards,
September 2004
Dear Dr. Germano,
There are insufficient words in my opinion to express my eternal gratitude for your talent as a great surgeon and for your humanity, kindness, and sympathy as a wonderful person.

May God bless you and your Family with everything good in this world.

All our thanks,
M.L. and Family
August 1, 2003
Karmiel, Israel Dear Dr. Germano,
Thank you for the well treatment to my Sister G. With Hope
December 2, 2002
Dear Dr. Germano,
I named a star after you! All your patients can now know that they have a real star watching over them. Thank you